2012 Yamaha Ego S Livery – RM4,728


Yamaha Ego S also got livery update along with the recently updated Lagenda 115Z, 115ZR and FZ-150i. From the way I see it, there are more bright colours in the livery scheme compare to the previous version.

The previous version of the white Ego S uses a grey scheme which have a simple colour tone. This new one is brighter and should exudes the sense of ‘fun’. The lines used in this livey scheme is much more edgy and make the bike looks fast even when standing still.

When I first saw this livery, I thought it is just a old livery scheme because the change are too little and the base colour of the Ego S remain unchanged. You still the white colour Ego S, the female favourite red and the other one in usual black. All the colours works well with this new livery and should be a reason for you to get one of it, if you have been holding off to get it for long.

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