Official Pictures of 2012 Yamaha Y125ZR Red, Black and GP Edition – RM7,700 OTR

2012 Yamaha 125ZR GP Edition

HLYM has updated their website with the addition of this 2012 Yamaha Y125ZR GP Edition in the Yamaha Racing Blue colour. It a great addition to the already beautiful Y125ZR in red and black. Y125ZR is one of the greatest bike of all time in my list. It features a powerful 125cc 2-stroke forward-incline engine, amazing design, nice tail light, good front end, muscular side profile and the ever rev-happy 6-gear transmission. I think that anyone who loves bike need to have this in their collection of bikes. Check out 2 more official pictures of the red and black Y125ZR after the jump 

2011 Yamaha Y125ZR Red


2011 Yamaha Y125ZR Black

For bigger picture, you can click on the gallery below



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