2012 Yamaha Mio Soul GT Indonesia – Muscle Car Inspired Scooter

After the launch of a radical supermoto automatic bike TTX115i in Thailand, Yamaha make it moves to Indonesia with the launch of Yamaha Mio Soul GT.  “Keren, Lincah, Irit” is the new tagline for this 2012 Yamaha Mio Soul GT. Translated, it means “Cool, Agile, Economical”. It came in 7 colours to choose and by my definition, that is a lot to choose for. All of the colours along with the livery are all good looking and should be perfect if you happen to choose any one of it. For me, the one I like is the Sirius Black (this is one of the character in Harry Potter, right?) and Lunar White. The rest of the colours are named Fighting Red, Masculine Blue, Lightning Green, Deep Purple and Armor Bronze

GT acronym refers to three meaning. The first is “Gentle” which refers to its target market that is men . The second one is “Great Technology/Green Technology” which refers to the bike advanced and eco-friendly technology YM-JET fuel injection system. This FI system provides fuel-efficiency and at the same time produces low emission for the environment.

The last GT acronym stands for “Gran Tourismo/Grand Touring” which refers to its design styling. This bike is based on the cues of Modern Muscle Car like the Chevrolet Camaro and this can be seen with the style of the headlamp. It look bold, muscular and very manly.

The features of the bike are great for an automatic bike. It got nice speedometer panel which is surrounded by straight line and edges. The underseat compartment are now much larger but still you can’t put a helmet in. On the side, you can see a 3D emblem of the Soul GT in chrome placed elegantly there. The tailight are also nice to see along with the front muscular and aggresive light. The engine are also new with the aforementioned YM-JET FI system. The key is the 3-in-1 setup where you can open the underseat compartment, shut the key hole and start the bike. DiAsil cylinder and forged piston are also included in the specs of the bike which is a proven technology from Yamaha since the day of Yamaha 135LC.

The engine is equipped with 113.7cc cylinder and it push out 7.75PS (5.7kW) at 8,500RPM with 8.5Nm at 5,000RPM. It is a long stroke engine with the bore and stroke dimension at 50.0mm x 57.9mm which delivers the maximum torque in low-mid RPM range. The front brake is 1-piston caliper disc brake with rear drum brake setup.

The design, specs and feature of this Yamaha Soul GT 115 is  really a good combination for an automatic bike which can prove to be the next popular product from Yamaha. It just looks beautiful and it seems like Yamaha really knows what their customers want. Maybe I sound like a fanboy, but that’s what I think. What about you? ‘Silalah komen di ruangan di bawah’.

YMKI (Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia) also introduced a special edition Mio Soul GT helmet for the launch of the bike and it is available for sale there! The helmet feature CSC which stands for Clean, Safe and Comfort. This original special edition helmet should be a valuable collection for any Yamaha fans. When Yamaha makes a limited edition product, we know it won’t last long in the market. So, quick and buy it!

More info at: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.id/soul-gt

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