Leo Vince GP Corsa + FSR Tech FCU for Yamaha FZ150i Dyno Tested – 2.5hp Gain on the Mid Range!

FSR Technology, the maker of FSR FCU(Fuel Control Unit) for Yamaha FZ150i has released a dyno chart on their FB page about Leo Vince GP Corsa exhaust system that has been fitted to Yamaha FZ150i along with the FSR FCU. It is good to know that the Leo Vince GP Corsa exhaust system do give benefit to the performance to the engine. 

Leo Vince GP Corsa - Aluminium - RM548

From the dyno chart we can see that there is about 2.5hp gain on the mid-RPM range. Even though there are no changes of the horsepower on the top RPM range, that is also good news because this Corsa exhaust does not drop its performance at that range since there are many aftermarket exhaust that is not even better than the stock exhaust at the top RPM range.

Yamaha FZ150i FCU by FSR Technology - RM400

Here is the statement from FSR Technology:

Red Line = LeoVince Corsa exhaust (no silencer)
Blue Line = Standard exhaust Bike Specs:
1. Fueling tuned using our FCU http://fsrtech.com/fcu
2. FZ150i Block standard
3. UMA Racing camshaft
4. UMA Racing 32mm throttle body
5. Filter cap removed (filter still in place) Result: This LeoVince exhaust is good!
1. Practically no power loss at the top end RPM
2. Huge gain of up to 2.5hp in the midrange RPM band.

Combined with our FCU, we can recommend this exhaust for those who are using the UMA Racing camshafts on a standard block. 16.7hp peak power is about 1.5hp better than a standard FZ, without changing the engine block.

— at FSR Technology


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