Acerbis Flash Handguard on Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed

My friend has fitted this Acerbis Flash Handguard to his Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed for a test review. We don’t have anything to expect at first and thought that it is only an accessory to add style to the bike. At first, the fitment of the handguard looks odd and unusual. In fact, I have never seen any Yamaha 135LC fitted with this thing. 

Then, after a few riding test for daily use of going to work and back, we found that it has great benefits! First thing that we notice is that the handguard can protect you from the cold wind breeze in the morning. You should know that my friend is already wearing a hand glove every time he ride the bike. In this case, the handguard makes driving in the morning is much more comfortable and you can drive much faster without feeling cold in the hand.

The handguard also comes with a strip of LED light that is powered by a set of AAA battery with included in the package. You don’t have to do any additional wiring for the lighting. It works separately. This light looks great in the dark and can makes your bike more visible in low light conditions.

Other than that, it also protects from the debris or dust from the road hitting your hand directly. The handguard can deflect flying sands or even stone trying to hit your hand.

The price for this Acerbis Flash Handguard is about RM198. Available from QBEEMotor.


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5 Replies to “Acerbis Flash Handguard on Yamaha 135LC ES 5-speed”

  1. betoi ke boleh protect tangan ni? i think it makes the bike look like an angry kambing bebiri.
    give way, angry ram coming thru, haha. but led light is real cool for riding at night

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