Honda Wave Dash modified by Racing Boy

Honda Wave Dash gets some love by Racing Boy with lots of parts fitted to it. I can see the use of RB SP399 3-spoke wheel (RM300) there. Also included is the RB alloy swing arm (RM400) and Eagle suspension(RM200) with RB chain tensioner(RM100) for better chain action. Not forgetting the red RB alloy kick stand(RM80). Nice. 

On the front, you can see the big RB forged 4-piston caliper V2(RM400) is attached to bite the RB 01-DA5292F 300mm disc plate(RM200). Hydraulic line is being replaced by the Goodridge brake line(RM100).

Better grip are ensured with the fitment of RB handle grip(RM70) and better comfort has been made by fitting the RB Auto Cruise balancer(RM60). You can also see better for overtaking vehicle in front of you with the addition of the RB alloy side mirror (RM150).

On the front fork, RB fork stabilizer(RM100) is being attached for maximum confidence in cornering since the shocks are now absorb equally on both side of the fork.

Looking good?

10 Replies to “Honda Wave Dash modified by Racing Boy”

  1. refer to wan muhammad silmi..
    kalau dekat area ipoh, boleh modified dekat kedai REPCO..
    kalau area ayer tawar , dekat kedai watali motor..
    semua barang racing boy tip top..
    jgn pegi kedai racing boy area shah alam..
    bnyk cekik darah..

  2. hi guys we wanted to know if this swing arm for honda wave dash will be available here in the Philippines and how much will it cost if just in case …. thanks in advance 🙂

  3. i have this dash repsol….if i want to modify all that at above…how i want to make that??can gve me specific location or phone budget around rm2000….i want to modify my repsol same with picture above..

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