Paul Teutul Sr of OCC is coming to Malaysia this March 23!

MM official photog, Ikhmal Yusoff has notified me in the MM FB page about this news of Paul Teutul Sr of OCC (Orange County Chopper) is coming to Malaysia. He will be unveiling a custom chopper with the theme ‘1Malaysia’ that the has specially made. After further reading and research, it seem that this news is true but there are some conflicting part about the venue. My FB friend, Zaki Ismail, the popular airbrusher in Malaysia, has notified via his FB page that the venue is at PWTC, KL whereby the one from Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways is at Putrajaya. I’m not sure which one is true. I’ll be updating more about it as soon as I get the info.

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7 Replies to “Paul Teutul Sr of OCC is coming to Malaysia this March 23!”

  1. bro… how u know he’s not relevant to bike scene, u r just another loser. malaysia should be ashamed hv someone like u. I believe this thing will make a new scence in Malaysia bike industry, i luv custom infact i did 2 of my bike on customizing… hope with OCC appearence will make the govt to legalise more on custom bike…

    #note: those loser who disagree are just like another malaysia who never believe in Mlaysia products…face the fact our national car is in APAC Rally… so i just labeled this people SORE LOSER…

  2. Yeah.. I love malaysia although there are said to be corruption in the ruling. Still, we did see what is happening in malaysia. We got almost everything nowadays. I believe that anyone will do the same. And come to think again, what is it that we want and we have achieve that malaysia didnt give. Want a free money? naahh. Padayappa once stated “you’ll get nothing without hardwork, anything without hardwork will never last”.. We dont crawl in the bush hiding from bullet, we dont desperately had to flee to neighboring country, we dont have to be scared to walk the street. What the heck. Put aside the negative wave and lets enjoy the show tomorrow. Paul Sr love Malaysia too. And Malaysia Love OCC. Its a good Zen~ Peace

  3. how u know govt spent rakyat’s money to build 1Malaysia Chopper? Please do not make any statement that u dont know the fact. cammon la bro.. open ur mind. dont make any politician agenda.u suppose pride to be Malaysian. If not better stay in the jungle. Think bro!! WHY they willing to come to Malaysia?They are very popular bro…at least from there, they promote our country.what ur contribution to promote our country…??? please bro…dont always ask what goverment gives to u but ask ur self what u give to Malaysia ? dont always condemn bro….

  4. He is no longer relevant in biking scene…

    And now the gov’t spent the rakyat’s money to give to him to build a 1Malaysia Chopper? What is the relevancy of a USA built Chopper and 1Malaysia?

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