2012 new Yamaha TTX 115i in Thailand – Streetfighter style Scooter?

TMCblog has reported about this new exciting bike for 2012 from Yamaha called the TTX 115i in Thailand. The style of this bike very unusual for an automatic bike which features aggressive styling, minimum curve, maximum cyber edges and prominent headlamp. It looks like a Streetfighter bike. I’m not sure whether this is all new bike or the upgrade of the Mio there. Or it might be a modified Mio from Thailand? Anyway, seeing the wrapped up side mirror just might means that this might be new bike for 2012. The article at TMCblog has been set a password, so I can’t post many pictures here.  You can check out the original article at TMCblog. The article is password-protected and I don’t know the password.

PS: I love this kind of styling from Yamaha. Radical and very unconventional. It defies the norm.

UPDATE: It looks a little bike like Yamaha BWS in Columbia don’t you think?

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