Honda Vario 125i with ACG System – Super Silent Starter

ACG stands for Alternating Current Generator which is the new electric starter system for Honda Vario 125i or the Honda Click 125i in Thailand. I previously have own Honda Icon 110 which is equipped with the conventional sliding gear mechanism starter system that give a brutal sound every time I hit the ‘START’ button on my bike. The sound sometimes scares my friend who borrowed my bike who thinks that something is wrong with my Icon 110. A silent starter system is something that I really want at that time. 

My Honda Icon with the conventional sliding gear starter

The introduction of the ACG Starter system to Honda Vario 125 is a good strategy since there are many competitors that are offering more tech with lower cost. ACG Starter has already being used by Honda PCX 125 previously.

It works by having a stator core and brushless rotor system that is directly attached to the crankshaft of the engine. There is no friction between this two component since it is never touched each other. Hence, this make a super silent starter system.

The ACG Starter system not only works to start the motor but also works as the alternator for engine to provide the power for battery recharge. The engine will cut-off the power of the stator as soon as the bike is started and magneto rotor core are now generating the electric since it is moving by the movement of the crankshaft.

This not only works as a super silent starter system but also save the weight of the bike by not having additional magneto and stator core for the electrical system and battery charging. Smart tech from Honda!

Honda Click 125i with ACG Starter System in Thailand

You can check out the video below for better understanding of the ACG Starter System and conventional sliding gear starter system. Hope it can helps you.

  via: TMCblog


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