2012 Yamaha Nouvo SX in Vietnam Official Pictures

After a few seconds the 2012 new Yamaha for Vietnam article being posted, MM reader, Jeff Nouvo, have send me a link to FB page that contain a set of 4 official pictures of the 2012 Yamaha Nouvo SX. Check it out!

Anyway, the picture is not available in higher resolution for now. I’ll update as soon as I got more info. Thanks Jeff!

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2 Replies to “2012 Yamaha Nouvo SX in Vietnam Official Pictures”

    1. Wowwy……….design die fuhhhhh,perghhhhhhhhhhh.x dapat digambarkan dengan kata2, kalau betul lah model ni masuk market m’sia aku sanggup tgu hujng thn nihh, baru je nak amek lc nuovo, nampk gayenye kena postpone dulu,sabar jgn x sabar,, nantikn kemunculannye

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