Spyshot: 2012 All-New Shinko K3 iTrack

MM reader, Mr R has just sent in a couple of photos of what looks mysteriously like the new Shinko iTrack in development. He was at QBEE Superbike Centre looking for the new Kawasaki ER6N when he spotted this tyre at the counter. Loyal readers will know that QBEE Superbike Centre is one of the subsidiary companies belonging to The QBEE Motor Group and operate from similar premises in Johor Bahru.

He managed to take these two photos before the tyre was taken away by one of the shop assistants. 

As we can see, this tread pattern is a step-up from the Shinko SR877 featuring aggressive triangles at the edges compared to the circular mini dots previously.

For me, it looks fantastic! What say you readers, comments below please!

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