2012 Yamaha 125ZR GP Edition Live Pictures at GTMax Motors, Shah Alam – RM7600 OTR

GTMax Motors has always been helpful to me and they have given me the opportunity to snap as many pictures as I want of the Y125ZR GP Edition. I managed to snap 77 pictures and a video for all of you to check it out! 

It feels good to know that Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia (HLYM) still producing this legendary 2-stroke bike from their factory for all Malaysian riders to get a taste of it. As far as I know, Malaysia is the only country in the world that still have this 125ZR on sale in new condition. I would like to thanks HLYM for their effort to continue selling this bike. Previously, we have heard rumors that it is going to be stopped in production after the news about the Yamaha RX-Z has been stopped in production last year. Well, that rumors is NOT true, it still on sale up to this day.

One of the most radical changes that has been done to this bike is the body-coloured wheel. It means that the wheel have the same colour with the body, that is the Yamaha Racing Blue colour. This suits it well since the name of it is GP Edition. Also, this might means that this bike is in limited unit production. It can disappears as soon as in 2 month only as what we have seen in the previous limited edition Yamaha 135LC ES GP Edition.

You might ask, what is the differences with the normal Y125ZR in the red and black colour? Actually, nothing have changed in terms of engine setup or chassis setup. It is primarily about the cosmetic changes. I think it is a good time to update the livery of this Y125ZR since it hasn’t been updated for more than 3 years. The last livery update is in 2009.

It still comes with 2-piston caliper for both front and rear brakes. The front brake is equipped with 297mm disc plate and the rear with 190mm disc plate. Good enough for this lightweight rocket to be stopped in hurry.

Front face are shown with the clear lens headlight and signal lamp. Maybe you need to mod this to become smoky a bit. It stills looks great though in this clear type lens. The taillight also in clear type lens cover.

The price of Yamaha 125ZR GP Edition is RM7500 – 7900 OTR with 1st-party all rider insurance.


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14 Replies to “2012 Yamaha 125ZR GP Edition Live Pictures at GTMax Motors, Shah Alam – RM7600 OTR”

  1. Hi admin..
    I’m come in vietnam, i can buy yamaha 125ZR your store
    And if i buy it,your store will ship it in vietnam..
    I love your store and 125zr
    Thanks admin…i looking forward reply for you…
    Have a nice day!

  2. salam..ni motor 125zr ke2 sy…yg 1st dah jual bab da xcden…dah x syok…motor ni byk syok ooo…bab tu sya bli motor 125zr ni lg…memang TERBAIK la. bkn nak berlumba pun… Tak kisah la org ckp pasal 125zr ngan LC yg mana berbaloi…bagi sya… korang yg MINAT, korang BELI, korang TUNGGANG dan korang PUAS ATI…ikut kemampuan…[img]85AF[/img]

  3. As~slm WBT n slm sjahtrakan~ ^^! gw da angkat da moto nie ^^! pergh~ memang syiok de…. 125ZR nie memang beza ngn 135LC…buunyi ekzos dya….tang tang tang….syahdu de…. klu spe yg suka bunyi snyap…angkat la LC135…..tp bg gw…gw suka yg bunyi tang tang tang nie…..baru gagah berani xD pastu….ada org ckp..klu bli 135lc pon boleh mod ekzos…tp mau ingat bro…bunyi tak sama…. masa bawak ats jalan pergh….syiok de ^^! Lu tak caye..lu try bawak..lu rasa snd bhd ^^!

  4. between 4 stroke dgn 2 stroke? why tak 135lc dgn 125zr? dulu dan sekarang tetap menjadi pujaan remaja.. ala, lagipun 125zr dah limited, harga pun mencanak gila.. itu pasal orang fikir banyak kali nk angkat 125zr ni.. kalau saya ada duit.. antara 135 lc, ex5 dengan 125zr saya pilih 125zr la.. nt esok2 kalau nak jual, boleh jual mahal lagi.. dah limited kot.:)

  5. memang la banyak peminat.. tapi itu dulu… ni cerita sekarang.. HYM sale 125zr setakat nak habiskan stok je… stock melambak.. tengok sales comparison for January-February between 4 stroke dengan 2 stroke..

      1. sory tumpang lalu…ini bukan rekaan, ini betul2 punya. dgr khabar dari member yang kerja kat kilang HLY. Y125zr @ 2 stroke akan dihentikan pengeluarannya…tp x tau bla. kalau anda perasan.. Yamaha Rxz tiada pengeluaran terbaru.. klau sya x Silap la..jgn marah erkk.

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