2012 Yamaha 125ZR Blue Brochure is out!

20120118-070913 PTG.jpg

BLH Motor has released a picture of the brochure of 2012 Yamaha 125Z new colour that is the Yamaha Brilliant Racing Blue. This the same colour like the Yamaha 135LC ES WGP Limited Edition.
One of the good news is that the other colour in black and red also available. But, I’m not sure whether these colours come with new sticker design or not.
BLH Motor also has open the booking for the Y125ZR.
Whatever you want to say about HLYM, I just want to thank them for still giving us the legendary 2-stroke machine.

Via: BLH Motor FB page


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  1. aku dengar dari dealer kata Yamaha HLY akan naik price utk motosikal y125zr ni lepas raya cina, price baru 2012 OTR RM7800 tu kalau kat k.l/selangor, tahun lepas cash OTR baru RM7400 , kalu aku kat kelantan ni, confirm price naik jadi RM8500-RM9000…

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