2012 Honda Click 125i in Details

AP Honda has released Honda Click 125i in 3 new variant that is Forward, Street and Tune-up. Each of the variant have its own colours choice and boy, it is a lot of colours to choose from. The one in the picture above in the Street variant, where you can see the ‘S’ logo at the center of the front cover of the bike and also on the fairing.  This one have 2 colour choices that is white/red and black/red.

This Tune-up variant as the above pictures have 3 colour choices that is the blue/white, black/red and white/silver. The Tune-up I think is the basic and cheapest variant since it features balck coloured side cover compared to the rest of the variant that is tw-tone coloured matching the overall colour scheme.

The top-of-the-line variant is this one, the Forward version. It have cast alloy 5-spoke wheels compared to the Street and Tune-up version which only features steel spoke wheel. The colour scheme here are much richer since it have the combination of gold on its body.

The meter cluster here are one of my favourite since it features the excellent combination of analog and digital display. The speedometer is large and it is analog combined with the digital display of the fuel meter and odometer. The fuel meter have 9 bar that helps for better riding information about the fuel measurement. The turn signal are very good that is split into two. The temperature and FI indicator are also shown nicely on the top of the speedometer along with the high beam indicator on the right.

The underseat compartment also gets an upgrade in terms of spaciousness. Now, it can fits a helmet! In this picture, I think it is open-face helmet with visor that is being placed inside the compartment.

The ignition key are equipped with shutter and now comes with push button type to open the seat. This is a nice addition and can makes filling the fuel up is easy thing.

The front look are now much modern with the lines and curves that makes it looks futuristic. The headlamp are also updated with sharper look that complements the overall ‘cyber’ theme.

The tail light are also one part that you’ll love to see it. It just looks great. The plate number light has been separated from the tail light and this setup is the same like superbike plate number lighting. Anyway, I prefer it to be combined like usual. Or maybe I’m just too conservative.

Side stand switch. That is one features that I want all bike to have. Side stand switch enable the bike to be started only after the side stand has been lifted and this can helps in accidentally riding the bike while the side stand is still in drop position. That always happened to me with my 135LC ES.

I must say that Honda engineers has make a very good looking bike with this Click 125i. The engine are also good as it is an all new eSP engine which is claimed to be powerful, fuel efficient and fun. I just hope that is true.

via: http://tmcblog.com/2012/01/11/detail-honda-click-125i-sudah-helm-in-bro/

and: http://aphonda.co.th

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