2012 Honda Wave 110 MMC by Boon Siew Honda Malaysia – RM4,771(R), RM5,228 (RS)


20111229-065739 PTG.jpg

I’m hoping 2012 will be a great year from Boon Siew Honda since there are many rumors of upcoming bikes from them.
Boon Siew has released a Minor Model Change (MMC) version of Honda New Wave 110. One the main selling factor of Honda bikes is in terms of fuel efficiency, but usually lack in terms of design appeal before the existance of Honda Wave Dash. This MMC is a great addition to the lineup as it make the Wave 110 more desirable.
That’s the only picture I have for now and now I’m away from my laptop. Will update more soon.
Thanks to Hasni Fitri for the tips!

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