New Yamaha Nouvo LX FI in Vietnam?

I got just a read from tmcblog about this new FI Yamaha Nouvo LX in Vietnam. It seem that this is a very new bike or it is a spy shot since there are no information about it on Yamaha Vietnam website. This is what I love about Japanese bike manufacturers. Even though they manage to sell a lot of their products, they still have the passion to upgrade it to better version or even just introduce a small facelift to their popular products. This new Yamaha Nouvo LX a.k.a Nouvo LC in Malaysia has shown that you can make good thing to become better. I love how the meter cluster looks in this new Nouvo LX. It looks much more superbike meter cluster that usually have the RPM meter and digital speedometer display (but I’m not sure whether that is RPM meter on the Nouvo LX).  The front end has been upgraded to a better design with sharper look and much more edgier curves. Front headlight are now on the center of the bike, unlike the previous model which is split into two. The signal are taken further back and have better presence. This should be good for safety.

The tail light of this bike are said to be from LED lighting which ensure faster response from the traditional tungsten wire lamp bulb. LED also have longer lifetime and uses lower energy from the bike. This ensure lower maintance and it could also helps in term of fuel efficiency.

This bike will still carry the proven 135cc engine that provides durability along with good fuel consumption.


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