Yamaha 135LC 6-speed Modification

You have read the title right. Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit with 5-speed are able to be converted to 6-speed with minimal modification to the engine. This is due to the fact that the engine shared a lot of the component from its brother with 6-speed like the YZF-R15, FZ150i and Byson(Indonesia). Modifmania.com, an Indonesia-based blog has revealed the modification for all us to see and many thanks to them for sharing the valuable information.

I think this the beginning of 135LC 5-speed extreme modification. More and more modification will come out and that just means more fun will come through. Check out for more info after the jump  

Gear ratio of 5-speed and 6-speed comparison


Magneto rear that similar to FZ150i (Vixion)


Magneto front that similar to Byson


135LC 5-speed carries the conrod with the code 3C1 which is the same with FZ150i
Shift fork groove (the module that shift the gear ratio) comparison


Inner view of the left crankcase


FZ150i and 135LC 5-speed Shift Fork comparison
Gear box of 135LC 5-speed and YZF-R15 comparison


Source: http://modifmania.com/2011/07/08/apakah-new-jupiter-mx-5-speed-bisa-menjadi-6-speed-part-ii/

 via http://www.facebook.com/Yamaha135LCv2011

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