Y-Teq Chain Lube


Chain lube are much better than the normal engine oil that we usually use to lubricate the chain and sprocket of our bike. It is much better because chain lube have the all important ‘anti-fling’ properties. Anti-fling means that the lubricant oil applied to the chain will not fly or splatter to the surrounding. If not, you’ll get a lot mess at the wheel and to the swing arm.

Y-Teq chain lube works by providing a thin anti-fling film after you spray it to the chain. The application is easy as the long spray nozzle is provided. After that, you need to wait about 30 minutes before you can start riding. This is to ensure the chain lube adheres properly to the chain.
This one I bought at RM10 for 200ml at the time of promotion. I also seen one chain lube with the brand of Repsol at RM55.

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