Yamaha RX-Z: End of Production, Beginning of A Legend



Yamaha RX-Z is one of the most popular bike in Malaysia. It represent the perfect bike for anyone who like to have power, speed, style and freedom in the world of biking. Yamaha RX-Z have all the formula for an exciting biking experience and the same time maintains the price to be affordable for almost everyone. At RM8500, it is considered accessible to all rider with the availability of loan by the bike shop or by Aeon Credit Service. Even though it is accessible, the rider must at least have a job, I say this because many rider like to own this bike, but they are still studying and of course, have no money to plonk for Yamaha RX-Z yet. So, they are thinking to buy this bike when they finish their study and have a job. I know this because I’m one of them. Now, the production of Yamaha RX-Z has already stopped, it leave us with only the secondhand Yamaha RX-Z to grab. Slowly, I can see Yamaha RX-Z price increased whether for new one that might still available in very limited unit and also for the secondhand one that are available at shops and Mudah.my.
There are 3 general version of Yamaha RX-Z. It is the 5-speed model with straight exhaust, The Boss with 6-speed model and 6-speed Catalyzer model. If you consider the model number, eg. 5PV1, there are many more version actually. The most popular model, I must say is the Catalyzer model. Why? This is because many The Boss owner convert their coverset to Catalyzer version, but I didn’t see yet Catalyzer owner convert their coverset to The Boss version. At least not in my knowledge if there is available. In my humble opinion, Catalyzer version works because it already solved the problem most of The Boss have. The perfect example is the introduction of integrated signal lamp to the front cowl. This is perfect! The Boss have separated signal lamp which doesn’t look nice and easily broken into two pieces and is not easy to repair yourself. I have this problem. One of the solution is to remove the signal lamp altogether but this will render your bike not legal on the road and confirmed to get the ticket from JPJ or PDRM Traffic. One more great thing is the usage of rear tail light that is taken from the Y125Z design which looks modern and timeless. In my opinion, this tail light is the most beautiful tail light ever designed for any bike. It defies the normal design which is whether square or triangle shape with all new design at that time that have curves on the right places and at the correct degree of design.
The fuel efficiency are not good for any 2-stroke bikes but with Yamaha RX-Z, it doesn’t feel that way. The fuel tank are large and can be fueled up to 13 liter. The tank also one of the beautiful design in world of under 150cc 2-stroke bike. The shape are slim with enough space for your leg to feel comfortable. It is just perfect size for this legendary bike. Yamaha RX-Z fuel tank are also known as one of the expensive parts if bought original from Hong Leong Yamaha. It is at RM400+ if I’m not mistaken. The local version of the tank is only at RM70+. That is a very huge price difference.
Yamaha RX-Z comes with a wide range of decals sticker design. I think Yamaha RX-Z have the most decals sticker ever made for an under 150cc bike. Usually HLYM updates the decals sticker every two year, since the Yamaha RX-Z already in production for 20 years, this mean that it is already 10 kind of decals sticker. But, everytime HLYM update the sticker, it usually comes with at least two colour choices. So, this means that Yamaha RX-Z decals sticker is more than 20 choices to be picked when you are restoring your Yamaha RX-Z. My favourite decals sticker is the black and white version for the first model Catalyzer.
The greatest part for Yamaha RX-Z is its engine. In my opinion, Yamaha RX-Z have the most reliable and lowest maintainance engine for a 2-stroke bike. Compared to Yamaha TZM 150 which is fitted with YPVS (Yamaha Power Valve System) that needs to be replaced regularly every 1000km, Yamaha RX-Z only is only fitted with YCLS which doesn’t contain valve and therefore no need maintainance like the TZM. TZM is a great 150cc small ‘superbike’ that conquers the road of Malaysia some time ago, but all the maintainance that has rised sharply after years of owning it, makes it a bike for enthusiasts only. One part of the engine that is easily and mostly modified/replaced is the exhaust pipe. Usually, Catalyzer owner will remove the stock exhaust pipe and replaced it with the one from the Millenium version. It is said that Millenium exhaust pipe are less restricted compared to the Catalyzer since the the Catalyzer contain three catalyzer pipe inside it for enviromental purposes.
The conclusion that I can say is that Yamaha RX-Z is the best bike that has ever land in Malaysia.

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