Shinko Evo SR877 Tyre on Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Random Pictures

Shinko EVO SR877 Tyre on Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

This is not a review yet, just a post of random pictures of Shinko Evo Sr877 tyre fitted to my Lagenda 115ZR. Looks great. Sands are easily stick to the tyre (I think because of the medium-soft compound), which is a good thing. The tread pattern is quite exclusive since Shinko tyres are hard to find.

The retail price for SR877 Evo  is between RM118~RM188, depending on the sizes.

The RRP price of Shinko SR877 series is:
70/90-17: RM118
80/80-17: RM138
80/90-17: RM138
90/80-17: RM168
100/80-17: RM188

5 more high resolution pictures after the jump

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4 Replies to “Shinko Evo SR877 Tyre on Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Random Pictures”

  1. if you stay KL, at Ampang…you go to Ampang Waterfront..that shop named “GLOBAL MALAYSIAN BIKER” if i not wrong…there haved this tire and can get discout if you ask…hehehe

    1. I haven’t test the M45, F1800 and F900 yet. I have been using Duro HF-918 which is good, Vee Rubber as stock which also good and now the SR877 which is still in testing with great tread pattern.

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