Preview: Shinko EVO SR877 70/90-17 and 80/90-17 Motorcycle Tyre

Shinko EVO SR877 Motorcycle Tyre

I’m calling this a preview since this is a new tyre I just got but it is not installed to my bike yet. So, I’ll share about the features, background and my first impression about this Shinko EVO SR877 motorcycle in the size of 70/90-17 and 80/90-17. After installing it to my ride, then I can write about test drive review. So, lets start after the jump with 21 more pictures

Ok, I know, you were thinking that this SR877 have the same side tread like the Maxxis MA-3D. But check out the picture below.

Maxxis MA-3D

So, as you can see, it is different, but maybe the idea is the same; to provide better grip on knee-down cornering. Both tyre are great with beautiful tread. Nowadays, the design not just only needs to be functional, but also needs to serve as an addition to the style of the bike. Remember the saying ‘if it looks good, it should function as good as it looks, but first, it needs to look good’ on the MV Agusta F3 article recently?

I got this Shinko SR877 sent to my office directly from Yoshi Marketing in Johor Bahru. While it is at the front office desk, two of my friend asked me where do I get this tyre. They both said that the tread of the SR877 are beautiful. Both of my friend are also motorhead like me. One of them use Duro 80/90-17 for both wheel for Honda Wave 110RS.

Beautiful, but Shinko?

Let me share a little bit about Shinko Motorcycle Tyre company. All of Shinko tyres are made in Korea and they are one of the few manufacturer that makes full range of motorcycle tyres from bias-ply to off-road to radial.

The technology of the motorcycle tire acquired by Shinko is from the machines and moulds that they have bought from Yokohama motorcycle division in 1998 after Yokohama factory in Kobe was hit by earthquake. I think that is why we seldom heard about the Shinko. Maybe because they are only 13 years old in motorcycle business. Shinko itself is established on 1946, but at that time they were only selling bicycle tubes and tyres. Now, Shinko has gaining popularity as provider of good motorcycle tyres with very affordable prices. Shinko is also the OEM manufacturer for; Hankook car spare tyres, some of Continental (Germany) Motorcycle Radial Tyres, Yokohama Kart tyres and is also the OEM supplier of tyres to Hyosung Motorcycles (Korean Motorcycles which are brought into Malaysia branded Naza). I have read a lot of forum about Shinko tyres and all of the forum give positive review about the Shinko tyres. Read about it here and here. And many more you can google your way through. But, most of the reviews that I read are about Shinko being fitted to superbikes ranging from 250cc to 1000cc. It is time for me to do the test drive review soon. I’m eager to get this Shinko EVO SR877 installed.

Now, back to the SR877 tyre initial impression.

I personally really like the tread of this SR877. The big bar of the tread on the center creates a lot of contact to the road. Therefore, grip can be increased. Also, SR877 is made from medium-soft rubber compound that should give balance for grip and durability for long term usage.The softer the compounds, the greater the grip but at expense of durability. One of the soft compound tyre that I know is the Battlax that is used in Malaysian Cub Prix racing series. Battlax BT090 cost about RM380 per piece.

On the knee-down cornering angle, Shinko has provided the small ‘teeth’ in the shape of square-based pyramid for better grip the road. This will give more confident for the rider to get lower angle of corner attack.

The deep groove of the tread keeps the tyre from aquaplaning (floating when it is in contact with water puddle). The tread groove (water channel) also extends all the way to the side of the tyre which provides great water dissipation. This is important to Malaysia bikers since the rain happens in almost every few days. Having this kind of tread makes my choices of tyres can be narrowed down.

I hope my preview here can give you all a little bit of insights of what kind of tyre this Shinko EVO SR877 is. If I’m wrong somewhere, hope you can correct me in the comment section.

Next, test drive review. Soon!

One more, it is also said that Shinko is the no. 1 top selling tyres in USA.

The RRP price of Shinko SR877 series is:
70/90-17: RM118
80/80-17: RM138
80/90-17: RM138
90/80-17: RM168
100/80-17: RM188

You can look more for motorcycle tyre price here:,65191.0.html

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