2004 Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue to Download!

2004 Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue

Finally, Yamaha 125Z Parts Catalogue are now available in PDF version for all Y125Z riders to fill their needs for more info about parts for their bike.

Thanks to Leo Nguyen who notify me about this and also thanks to Vendetta HRC at malaysianbikers.com/forum for making this parts catalogue available for the rest of us.

The PDF (large file 35MB) can be downloaded here:http://download199.mediafire.com/tvbhp5rvchtg/1b0fvb6mpfewf9z/125z+part+catalog+2004.pdf

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  1. It’s me who upload this part catalogue, but the link was too long ago and I also lost the file due to hard drive damage. So anyone who downloaded it, please upload again. Thanks.

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