2011 Honda CBR-150R in Thailand

2011 Honda CBR 150R

This is really Honda CBR-150R not the CBR-250R. While we are still waiting for the launching of the Honda CBR-250R in mid-February in Malaysia, I’ve stumbled upon this image while browsing through Google. On further checking at AP Honda Thailand website, it is really an all new 2011 Honda CBR 150R after all. This is not a breaking news since this bike is already soft launched in October 2010. CBR-150R looks like the bigger brother CBR-250R which makes it looks much bigger and wider. It is said that this one is identical mechanically to CBR-125R which is in Canada and Europe market.

This is really a great line-up to already great line-up by AP Honda Thailand. Expect to get more of the aftermarket parts from DBS, LHK and POSH from Thailand manufacturers.

4 more high resolution pictures after the jump

More info here: http://www.motorcycle.in.th/mediagallery/media.php?f=0&sort=0&s=20101021082157982&i=20110122055553730&p=1

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