2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Manual Clutch and Auto Clutch Differences


Both of the images above might seem identical, but to a very observant eyes, differences can be seen.

I was thinking whether this 2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) will have an auto-clutch model. It seems that Yamaha Indonesia already have the 2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX auto-clutch version, but on further reading and observing both of the models, it seems that the all new 2011 5-speed Yamaha Jupiter MX is in manual clutch only.

The one that you on the very top picture is the auto-clutch version. As you can see, I have circled 3 parts there. One that is pretty obvious is the usage of rear drum brakes whereby the all new Jupiter MX have rear disc brake.

On further observation you can see that the engine casing are not the same. The auto-clutch version have the same engine casing like the old Jupiter MX circa 2006-2010. Compare the images in details and you’ll find the differences.

The last thing that I can see is that the foot protector near the footrest have different direction of the ‘P’ shape which is projected backwards (makes it looks like inverted ‘P’) while the ‘P’ shape of the all new Jupiter MX is projected forward. I have circled it in red so that you all can find it.

Why bother with all this?

You see, some of us like to get the all new Jupiter MX with auto-clutch with all new engine and power. If you just go to the shop and buy it, you might just regret what you have bought since the 2011 auto-clutch Jupiter MX is the same old bike with 4-speed gear, same engine and same carburetor like before.

So, my conclusion is that the all new 2011 Jupiter MX is available in Manual Clutch only.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

3 more pictures after the jump

UPDATE (21/03/2011): This bike has been launched in MALAYSIA!

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7 Replies to “2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Manual Clutch and Auto Clutch Differences”

  1. so this new 2011 Juputer MX will only avaible in manual clutch? is there any news regarding about they gonna release an auto-clutch version of 2011 Juputer MX in Malaysia?

  2. from my opinion,the manual clutch version have all new 5-speed gear ratio or same mechanisme like FZ150i ,i hope yamaha fix the engine/clutch sound issue on 4 speed manual clutch version on this model.if the price is resonable,i would not hesitate to buy the 2011 Juputer MX with manual clutch when they launch in Malaysia.

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