Modified Yamaha 135LC to X1R by Rizan

Modified Yamaha 135LC to X1R by Rizan

Any biker enthusiasts can tell that the owner of this bike really loves his 135LC. Not because of the bike is heavily modded, but due to this bike that is parked inside the house! I’ve done the same thing too when I got my Yamaha RX-Z.

Well executed and attention to details make this X1R stands outs from the sea of 135LC in the road in Malaysia.

With pro-Arm fitted from Honda NSR150SP, this bike surely looks intimidating. Some people says that, using pro-Arm will make the bike handling much better (but depends on the mechanic expertise to fit it) because it will lowers the gravity center of the bike and also, the pro-Arm will add length to the wheel base dimension that provides better cornering.

Thanks to Rizan for the permission to use the pictures.

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