Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 2007 Brochure in Malaysia

Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 2007

It is only 4 years since the introduction of Yamaha 135LC in 2006, but this moped already has surpassed everything that makes it the King Of Moped. With the entry of Yamaha 135LC ES, the King gets better and unrivaled by any other manufacturer. Many of us already thinking to get the 2011 Yamaha 135LC, but this one is ahead of its competition and makes other manufacturer seems old, conservative and lazy because they don’t make bike to fight with the King.

2007 is the year for the first model of Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit launched in Malaysia.

There is Suzuki Belang R150 here in Malaysia, but that one is in another category. Belang R150 is the best moped in 150cc category, if only there is upgraded version of Yamaha 135LC to be Yamaha 150LC, of course, it will fight fiercely with Belang R150. Even if there is no Yamaha 150LC, we can just use the 57mm engine block of FZ-150i to 135LC and there you have it.

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