Yamaha 125ZR 2005 Brochure

Yamaha 125ZR 2005 Brochure

I have found this brochure which I have never seen before. I’m delighted to have this brochure to share with all of you. Sometime, we need to change our Y125ZR sticker design and decals, so we need to have reference on how the sticker is properly placed. It might seems easy, but, I have tried to attach the decals to Y125ZR without any reference and it is confusing for some parts of the sticker placement.

With this brochure for 2005 Y125ZR design, I hope it can help you in any way possible.

I strongly think, Yamaha 125ZR is one of the perfect bike ever made for its class.

3 more high resolution pictures of the pages after the jump

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