Yamaha Ego LC Pictures at GTMax Motors

2011 Yamaha Ego LC at GTMax Motors

I think I have been visiting GTMax Motors almost every week. This week, I found out that they already got the new Yamaha Ego LC at their showroom. Since they know me, they allow me to take pictures of the bike.

The salesman there are very helpful and tell me a lot of information about the bike. You should go here even if you were just looking for bikes and not buying it.

41 more very high resolution and slow loading images for you after the jump

The hole on the head is actually horn vent

The horn is place inside the hole that usually placed the head light. Since the horn is now at the top, the sound from it should be more audible to motorists on the road.

Lamp on the handle is not signal lamp!

There are 6 lamps on the front of the Ego LC and 4 of it will turn on as soon as you start the bike. I thought the lamp on the handle bar is the signal light, but I was wrong. In fact, the signal light is only at the fairing.

Observe the right signal lamp on the left
Close up view of the right signal lamp

The signal lamp is big and visible from the side and this can add up to safety of the bike.

Yamaha Ego LC Engine Sound on YouTube

The price for Yamaha Ego LC OTR (on the road) is RM5800.00 with first-party all rider insurance, road tax and registration cash.

For 2-year loan of Yamaha Ego LC, you need to pay RM2200 deposit and RM210 per month.

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