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Racing Boy Handle Grip
Racing Boy Handle Grip

Made from high quality thermoplastic rubber that withstand heat from tropical weather and will not become hard after prolonged exposure to the sun.

The grip is said to be better than the stock handle grip.

The aluminium part is made from 6063T6 grade aluminium which is one of the best in its class.

Chemical composition

The alloy composition of 6063 is:

  • Silicon minimum 0.2%, maximum 0.6% by weight
  • Iron no minimum, maximum 0.35%
  • Copper no minimum, maximum 0.10%
  • Manganese no minimum, maximum 0.10%
  • Magnesium minimum 0.45%, maximum 0.9%
  • Chromium no minimum, maximum 0.10%
  • Zinc no minimum, maximum 0.10%
  • Titanium no minimum, maximum 0.10%
  • Other elements no more than 0.05% each, 0.15% total
  • Remainder Aluminium

Price is RM45

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