Best Piston Size for Yamaha RX-Z?


What is the best piston size for RX-Z? 0.75mm?


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  1. Thanks. I have found the standard size recommended by Yamaha is 0.00mm (real standard from the moment you bought the bike), 0.25mm, 0.50mm,0.75mm and finally 1.00mm. All of this size is standard as recommended by Yamaha Parts Catalogue. I have the catalogue. If you want, you can just ask it but I’m afraid to post it here because it is copyrighted.

    1. Yeah I want it but I dont want give my email here. Just upload somewhere on your personal account and share it for education purpose (megaupload, rapidshare, scribd etc). No I don’t think Yamaha will sue you for your passion to their own products

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