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2014 Racing Boy Front Fork for Yamaha 135LC V1 and V2 – nice alloy style – RM800

Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Yamaha 135LC is one the most tuned bike in Malaysia and maybe in the neighbouring countries too. Racing Boy knowing this has made a special alloy front fork to replace the stock fork that you have on your 135LC. So far, I don’t know how this front fork will help you to get better handling since there are no information about it yet, but in the mean time, it is sure looks good. Racing Boy is known for making high quality aftermarket parts and always improving their products if they got to know there are problem with it. Check out the image after the jump to see the look of it fitted to 135LC:  (more…)

Yamaha 135LC V2 Full Fairing modification by PMP Speedshop, Malaysia – RM1,200

Monday, March 10th, 2014


PMP Speedshop has shown us this beautiful picture of full fairing style Yamaha 135LC V2. The front headlight resemble a little bit of the YZF-R15. Fitted with flourescent yellow wheel, that is just looking nice. The price of the full-fairing conversion parts is RM1,200.

You can buy this at:

UMA Racing Digital Meter for Yamaha 135LC – estimated RM470

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


Finally the item has arrived. Featuring 8 colour illumination, gear indicator and tachometer. Should be available in the shop very soon. Estimated price is at RM470.

via: RB FB

Yamaha 135LC 6-speed Modification

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

You have read the title right. Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit with 5-speed are able to be converted to 6-speed with minimal modification to the engine. This is due to the fact that the engine shared a lot of the component from its brother with 6-speed like the YZF-R15, FZ150i and Byson(Indonesia)., an Indonesia-based blog has revealed the modification for all us to see and many thanks to them for sharing the valuable information.

I think this the beginning of 135LC 5-speed extreme modification. More and more modification will come out and that just means more fun will come through. Check out for more info after the jump   (more…)

UMA Racing 62mm Ceramic Coated Cylinder Engine Block for Yamaha 135LC and FZ-150i

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

UMA Racing Ceramic Coated Cylinder Engine Block for Yamaha 135LC and FZ-150i

Ceramic or NiCaSi (Nickel Calcium Silicon) coating on the bore will provide higher durability of the engine block. Based on my reading about this ceramic coating block, it can provide better heat transfer that relates to cooler engine. On TV, I have seen a ceramic coated cooking pan that have the properties of non-stick surface and very durable. I think the ceramic coat on the UMA Racing engine block also works the same, it provides higher durability with the added slipperiness for the piston to move.

29 more pictures courtesy of Syark86 (thanks!) after the jump  (more…)