April 2011 Yamaha Bikes Price List On The Road (OTR) in Malaysia

Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch (2011) RM6,925

Yamaha Lagenda 115Z (K) RM5282.03
Yamaha Lagenda 115Z (E) RM5598.10
Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR (E, S/rims) RM5915.38
Yamaha 135LC (2010)RM6511.50 (rumors said already discontinued)
Yamaha 135LC ES (2010)RM7122.18 (rumors said already discontinued)
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2011 Yamaha Ego LC in Malaysia

Yamaha Ego LC in Malaysia

Hong Leong Yamaha has released new addition to its family that is Yamaha Ego LC! I have heard rumors earlier at GTMax Motors and it is true. This bike is the same model with Yamaha Mio 125 in Thailand and Yamaha Luvias 125 in Vietnam.

I think this bike is a little too late to arrive in Malaysian shore. The interest for it have dropped since it is already being launched in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam long time ago. In fact, I already assumed that we will never get to see this bike in Malaysia and ready to accept it. Now, we are eager to get the 2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX which is 135LC with 5-speed, but there are no news for it right now whether it is going to be here or not.

Anyway, what’s great about this Ego LC is the bike under seat compartment at 12.8 liter which can accommodate helmet easily. This volume is much bigger compared to my Lagenda 115ZR under seat compartment at only 7.0 liter.

In terms of sticker design, this one look okay. Compared to the Yamaha Mio 125 MotoGP Rossi Edition in Thailand, that one is purely desirable. But, you can have the cover set sprayed and embed the sticker of the Mio 125 to the Ego LC.

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Yamaha Nouvo LC – GP Edition in Malaysia

Yamaha Nouvo LC - GP Edition in Malaysia (click to enlarge)

The Thais got the Yamaha Mio 125 MotoGP Rossi Edition, but here in Malaysia we got the more powerful version of it with 135cc of displacement that is Yamaha Nouvo LC – GP Edition.
This brochure is taken at GTMax Motor. I have asked the salesman there about the bike and got lots of information from him.
All of the decals and paint job are direct from the factory. The colour are made exactly with the same colour of YZF-M1. The pearl white colour have a nice metallic dust sparkle finish and the blue colour really are the same like the YZF-M1 by my eyes.
Limited edition? Yes, production is limited to few unit only. The salesman says, maybe 50+ unit only.

Price is at MYR6,800.00 which is MYR400 more expensive than normal Nouvo LC.
Drop in MYR2600 and pay MYR235/month for 2 year.

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My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 0-55km Review

My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

I have promised myself few years ago that someday I’ll buy any first model new bike that are going to be introduced by Yamaha Malaysia. It was a very long wait and now, I have bought myself a first model 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. Even though this is a first model bike, it has less specialty than the first model Yamaha 125Z and first model Yamaha 135LC since both have many parts made in Japan. For example, the first model Yamaha 135LC engine is fully made in Japan, whereby now it is being made in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand. It is not that the second model or the newer is not good, just that it is not as special as owning the first model with parts made in Japan. This holds true also for Yamaha 125Z and ZR whereby we can see the CDI for the first model have no cut-off and have Yamaha logo on it, but now is the M logo and CDI has been RPM/speed limited. First model Yamaha 125ZR also features the most sought out item that is the three-spoke Enkei-1 sport rim. Enkei-1 sport rim is definitely durable and can withstand strong impact from the road and much more lighter. Also after that, there are Enkei-1 samurai 6-spoke sport rim which is also durable and lightweight. I have interviewed many 125Z/ZR riders and mechanics about this and they agreed that Enkei-1 wheels are really that good. Now, there is no more Enkei-1 production wheels and most of the owner of this wheels have lost the wheels due to theft. It is common to see that Enkei-1 3-spoke and 5-spoke sport rim to reach MYR1000+ in Malaysia most popular online store that is Mudah.my. So, in my deepest thought, I know that I’m making a good decision to buy this first model Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR, even though it is not fully made in Japan. Now, let’s start my Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR review. Continue reading “My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 0-55km Review”