2014 Yamaha FZ150i studio pictures leaked – is this the real thing? [UPDATE: It is the FZ150i launched in Vietnam]

February 26th, 2014 11:09 pm by


Three pictures that looks like official studio pictures of 2014 Yamaha FZ150i has leaked. Based on my observation, everything is looking almost perfect to be the real thing. HLYM website still doesn’t show anything yet about this FZ150i. We can see the small LC4V writings on the front mudguard, the accurate position of the FZ150i emblem on the side of the top fairing and the Deltabox sign on the frame. We can also notice the omission of the kick starter which follow the spyshot we have seen earlier. 


The wheels are also coloured in familiar Yamaha style that is red lining on top of the base black colour. The engine are still the familiar SOHC 150cc liquid-cooled engine with 57mm piston but has been given a fresh new body style and kits.


Rumors said that the bike will be available on March, which is just a month away. If you are looking to buy the FZ150i, better to keep your money in the pocket and wait for this one to be launch soon.

Price for this bike is not known because it haven’t been launched yet but for comparison, 2012 Yamaha FZ150i price is RM8544.95 OTR.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fzownersgroup/

UPDATE (11.34pm): The pictures is actually from the launch of the bike in Vietnam which use the same name of FZ150i.


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  1. […] Tidak seperti di vietnam website yamaha malaysia masih adem ayem tanpa ada siluet motor ini, motor dikabarkan non kick starter ini seperti yang terlihat di gambar spyshot. Tidak ketinggalan juga seperti di vietnam sosok FZ150i ini sudah terpasang undercowl. Hadech…indonesia kapan nich ?. Jika dilihat dari gambar striping tidak menutup kemungkinan motor ini tetap memakai FZ150i seperti yang dibahas di motomalaya. […]

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