2012 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition at Ah Hong Motor – RM7250 OTR

September 24th, 2012 11:39 pm by

Yes, finally the Yamaha 135LC GP Edition has appear on the net and this leak is from Ah Hong Motor and was tipped by Izzat Ezrique (thanks!). This time, the bike gets a black, white and blue colour scheme. It is not like Race-blu colour that I was guessing previously. In the picture above, we can see that the wheel are now in black with white lining. Also, the exhaust protector on the muffler gets the same matte black paint as  the previous 2011 Yamaha 135 LC GP Edition

On the side, we can see a simple Yamaha racing block speed decal along with black stripe on the top and bottom of it. The base colour are now white. One thing that I’m happy is that Yamaha is retaining the use of 2-piston caliper which helps greatly in stopping power.

No changes in the meter cluster as shown in this picture. It would be great is Yamaha try to make it blue-illuminated to differentiate it than the normal 135LC Extreme Spirit.

On the front, there are two black and blue stripes that adds the ‘speedy’ look even when standing still. Would it be better if the headlight be in smoke colour?

2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition Limited

One more thing that I’m thinking is whether this one will be another limited edition or not. What do you think?

via: Ah Hong Motor via: Izzat Ezrique

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27 Responses to “2012 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition at Ah Hong Motor – RM7250 OTR”

  1. stroct1 says:

    color lagi.. takde bende lain ker ???

  2. RayRayyen says:

    salam, xde beza ke?disk depn mcm lg besar je compare yg lc biasa…ace komen skit?
    n saya nk tanye…bape ea beza hi speed lc baru n lama?

  3. Zach says:

    BIASA .. tiada yang Spesial.

    yang Spesial untuk 2011 sebab ada logo 50 tahun ulangtahun Yamaha je .. yang 2012 ni ibarat tukar warna je .. tapi sedih corak grafik pun lebih kurang yang 2011 je .. KESIAN rider kat Malaysia ni.

    kat Indon tah camne lak rupe GP edition diorang .. mesti lagi Dasyat dari ni.

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  5. kasperia says:

    kalo compare harga ngan rxz. belang, klx, ktm duke 200, fz pn lg mhl dri rxz tp performance rxz lg power. be realistic la.

  6. abgAjie says:

    terbaik arr.. lc135 gp edition a.k.a exciter gp 2011 vietnam lagi cantik aku tengok.. buat coverset sudahh..

  7. mat Lc cheras says:

    Lc 3 aku pun naik boring,,,,

    • Lc es says:

      lex ah..P Btul jgak x dek kemajuan
      lau nak kte liquid coolent dri zaman tok adam addh
      TPS hampeh..baik injection trus
      Design…hmmm bli cover set sdah
      bli baru …x snag hati nak park..
      mter ….cm haram kene tipu hidup 2..
      Renung 2 KAn


  8. Peminat Yamaha says:

    bawaklah 2 stroke bwah 150cc pn jdlah…

    bile lagi nak compite Kawasaki Kips…

    byarlah ckit kat org2 yg x tau bwak mto 2…tau naik kte bsar jeh sOsial..

  9. YA MAHAL says:

    NO improveMenT On engine!!!!!!!!
    design chiP Only fkig Sad yamaha

  10. maxgrey says:

    why not injection yet?

  11. sad says:

    seller : baru sampai woo…
    smart buyer : any improvment?
    seller : u c lah the design……
    smart buyer :ONly dsgn….. oh better put name GP DESIGN EDITION

  12. n.k v2 says:

    otr rm7250 rsa bkn rim enkei..

  13. semotkiller says:

    the colour of new LC GP is not bad actually, but the 2011 colour scheme looks more great..anyway, it’s the new LC GP is equip with Enkei sport rim?

  14. azzo says:

    rim engkei dpt x?

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