2012 Yamaha 135LC 4-speed Livery update by BLH Motor, Melaka

July 7th, 2012 8:37 pm by

Yamaha 135LC 4-speed has now get its livery update for more interesting and cool graphics. The graphics of the livery contains lots of dynamics lines and have proper ‘techno’ looks. It comes in three choices of colours that is white with red accent, black with blue accent and red with white accent. The design of this new livery is already available in shops. Check it out in shops near you and check out 7 more pictures after the jump: 

via: BLH Motor

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4 Responses to “2012 Yamaha 135LC 4-speed Livery update by BLH Motor, Melaka”

  1. LC V2 says:

    Betul….lagi cantik yg baru daripada yg lama sbb sticker lama kureng menyerlah, saya adalah pengguna lc baru warna hitam tapi sticker yg warna putih saya potong buang. Sportrim pun sama lagi menyerlah yg baru daripada yg lama. Saya antara org yg komplen kat HLY pasal sticker graphic dan kelajuan.

  2. next lc says:

    lagi lawa dari yg lama.. terutama merah & putih.. yg kaler hitam, lagi cantik lama punya.. harga sama, rm 6523.00 o t road.

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  4. Syaz says:

    harga sama tak?

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