2015 Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star – the smaller brother of the Satria F150


The low slung moped from Suzuki has been a great alternative for riders who are looking for something that is different. In Indonesia, the riders are lucky enough to get this smaller version of the Satria F150 that is the Satria F115 Young Star.

The noticeable difference that we can see is the use of plain two-piece suspension at rear as opposed to monoshock suspension on the Satria F150. One more difference that we can see is the absence of the rear brake disc which are now replaced by the drum brake.  2015-Suzuki-Satria-F115-Young-Star-Indonesia-002

The engine is absolutely different since this one is only at 115cc which is smaller than the Satria F150 at 150cc. Even though it is the more affordable version, it is still equipped with Fuel Injection system which has become the norm all over Asia for small bikes. Suzuki said that this engine is given an upgrade in terms of the bigger valve diameter, closer valve angle and a spark plug position which is closer to the combustion chamber. All this for better performance and at the same time helps the fuel efficiency.

The engine also gets the lightweight piston and valve spring. Further reducing the friction is the use of roller rocker arm. Combining the Fuel Injection system, lightweight engine parts and low friction technology, the Satria F115 are able to go all the way to 63km for every liter of fuel. That is impressive in our mind.


Good job Suzuki Indonesia. Can we also get this in Malaysia, Suzuki?

via: https://www.facebook.com/suzukimotorindonesia/photos/a.200127456665778.52751.191574987521025/989161834428999/?type=1&theater

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