2015 Kawasaki Z250 livery in Japan


Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan has  updated the livery for its two-cylinder naked bike that is the Z250. It also nice to see that Kawasaki has implemented the ABS for the Z250. There are 2 colour that receive the Special Edition that is Yellow and Lime Green. Both of the SE version gets the ABS while there is also the normal version that comes with or without ABS. There is no change in the engine and chassis. Did you really notice the different as compared to the 2014 Z250 livery? Check out 17 more high resolution pictures after the jump: 

I’m not sure whether this 2015 livery will come out to Malaysia, but the writings on Kawasaki1ban said that this update will be available to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand

The price of the Kawasaki Z250 in 2014 is RM21,599 (basic).

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