2015 Suzuki Smash Fi – first 115cc moped with Fuel Injection by Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia


Winning the heart of Malaysian riders is not easy as they want the latest and greatest. This include the latest technology in motorcycle under 150cc that is Fuel Injection system. Now, Suzuki Assemblers has taken a good step to win the Malaysian riders heart by introducing Smash FI, a 2015 model that is equipped with Fuel Injection System 115cc engine. The engine is air-cooled and this actually can give a lower maintenance since the are fewer parts to handle or repair. On Belang R150, Suzuki engineer are clever enough to use oil-cooling rather than water-cooling since the oil is already inside the engine.  9

The meter is nice as it shows the gear indicator nicely on the lower portion of the meter. Also included is the signal indicator, high beam indicator and fuel meter.


One of the benefit of the fuel injection system is fuel efficiency. Before this, I was amazed with the fuel efficiency of Suzuki Nex 115 carburetor engine, I’m hoping this fuel injection Smash Fi will give a better fuel efficiency than the Nex.

No power and torque rating are given at the time of writing. Price is estimated below RM5,000.

Jenis Enjin 4 lejang, penyejukan udara, SOHC
Gerek X Lejang 51.0 mm X 55.4 mm
Anjakan Omboh 113 cm3
Sistem Bekalan Bahan Api “Fuel Injection”
Sistem Penghidup Elektrik & Tendang
Sistem Pelinciran Takungan pelincir basah
Klac Otomatik, jenis “wet-shoe”
Sistem Pemacuan RK420SL, 102 mata rantai
Suspensi Depan Teleskopik, spring lingkaran, perendam minyak
Suspensi Belakang Lengan ayun, spring lingakaran, perendam minyak
Brek Depan Brek Cakera
Brek Belakang Brek Dram
Saiz Tayar Depan 70/90 – 17 M/C 38P
Saiz Tayar Belakang 80/90 – 17 M/C 50P
Jenis Penyalaan Penyalaan elektrik bertansistor
Tangki Petrol 3.7 liter
Minyak Enjin Tanpa penukaran penapis – 650ml
Dengan penukaran penapis – 800ml
Panjang Keselurahan 1,910 mm
Lebar Keselurahan 690 mm
Tinggi Keselurahan 1,085 mm
Tapak Roda 1,220 mm
Berat Unit 95 kg (Smash Fi-R); 96 kg (Smash Fi-SR)

via: Suzuki.com.my and SAM FB.

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