2014 Naza Blade 250i Naked SE unveiled – the most affordable in its category at RM13,988 (basic)


NAZA Bikes Sdn Bhd has launched the latest edition of the widely popular NAZA Bikes Blade, the Blade 250i Naked SE. The locally made model is expected to be yet another Malaysian favourite.

Present at the official launch were En. Abdul Hamid Ismail, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Special Assignment NAZA World and En. Nik Danial Nik Mahmood, Vice President of Naza Two Wheels NAZA World, joined by 30 NAZA Bikes dealers nationwide.  2014-Naza-Blade-250i-Naked-SE-0211

The NAZA Blade Naked SE is essentially a snazzy, aesthetically upgraded version of the original Blade Naked model and is the product of a technological collaboration with South Korean motorcycle manufacturer, Hysoung. The Blade 250i Naked SE is the most affordable motorcycle in its category and offers a trendier look that compliments its punchy performance.

2014-Naza-Blade-250i-Naked-SE-0331For the past 2 years, we have seen the change in preference from the sports bike to naked bike. Many naked bike models were introduced in that time, especially in the engine category of 200 cc to 250cc. Although our bread and butter is the sports bike version of 250cc and 650cc, our latest offering of this naked bike will essentially make us a formidable player in this category,” said Nik Danial Nik Mahmood, the Vice President of 2W division.


The NAZA Blade 250i Naked SE is competitively priced at RM13,988 and is certainly the best value-for-money bike with specifications that include Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) equipped, 75 degree V-twin engine. NAZA Bikes expect the model to contribute 600 units to the targeted sales of 4,000 units of NAZA Blade 250cc – 650cc range.


With the ASEAN motorcycle market for the 250cc to 650cc range experiencing dramatic growth in recent years, we recognize NAZA Bikes potential to become one of the key players in the region and aim to eventually make the brand a household name. The NAZA Blade has received such a positive response in Malaysia that we are confident it will also capture the attention of motorcyclists in other countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, 3 markets that we are expanding to with these products,” said Nik Danial Nik Mahmood.

2014 Naza Blade 250i Naked SE price is RM13,988 (basic)

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