Rumors: 2014 Kawasaki 250SL (RR Mono) are coming to Malaysia this year – successor of KRR-ZX150?


A replacement for the Kawasaki Ninja KRR-ZX150 is needed as the UNECE regulation in 2014 has been implemented in Malaysia that makes the 2-stroke is no longer being able to be produced. A logical step that we can see is to replace the identical bike that can give about the same power of the 150cc 2-stroke bike. Kawasaki Ninja KRR-ZX150 can produce 29.6 hp which is a strong number for the 150cc lightweight 2-stroke bike.  2014-KawasakiNinja250SL-Yellow

Malaysia might be getting the Kawasaki Ninja 250SL (also known as RR Mono in Indonesia) as a replacement for the KRR-ZX150. Ninja 250SL is a fitting name for it which refer to Super Light, hence the shortform SL.  At 151kg curb mass, it is heavier than the KRR-ZX150 which only measured at 124.5kg. For a 250cc 4-stroke bike, it is unfair to compared with the 150cc 2-stroke since 2-stroke bike has fewer parts that reflects to the lower curb mass. So, comparing to the Ninja 250 2-cylinder, the Ninja 250SL is lighter as the Ninja 250 weighs at 172kg. That is also logical since the Ninja 250 is 2-cylinder which have more parts and being heavier. Still, if we even compared to the single-cylinder 250cc 4-stroke contender, the Honda CBR250R at 161kg, Ninja 250SL is 10kg lighter.


Then, the next question that we are going to ask is, when will this Ninja 250SL going to be launch in Malaysia? Some says that June is the probable month for it, but that is too close. June is also the month for the WSBK in Malaysia and Kawasaki is a strong contender in WSBK. So, is it June? I’m thinking this year, but if it is June, that would be awesome.

Price? I don’t have any estimation for it yet, but if it is RM14,888, that just will eliminate all the competitors out there like the CBR250R (RM18,799 Standard) and even the Duke 200 (RM15,888 Non-ABS)

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