Kawasaki Naked Variant of RR Mono is in the works – Z250SL


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A naked variant of the Kawasaki RR Mono or the 250SL is in the works right now and said to be released first in Indonesia as soon as 30th April. That is just about two more weeks ahead.
It carries the code Z250SL which tallies with the current naming of the Kawasaki models as of Z250. This naked variant of Z250SL will have the same 1-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that provides 28hp. The single cylinder engine are slim enough to make the bike to be packaged in a chassis that is no more wider than a 150cc bike. Simply said, 250cc in 150cc package. Slimmer bike will give better handling in traffic and the bigger engine of 250cc will give proper speed you have the chance to use on the open road.
What’s even more interesting with this Z250SL is that the price is said to be lower than the full-fairing variant 250SL.
Will it comes to Malaysia? That is always the question that I wish I could answer. I’m just as clueless as you guys about it.

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