Security Camera Honda P25 1966 by Chicara Nagata – one of the world’s best custom bike builder that you probably never heard before


A challenge by one of the security company to Chicara Nagata to produce a security camera that never seen in the past. The combination of the black colour scheme works to makes it low profile but the frame exudes style and simplicity at the same time. The Honda P25 49cc engine there is not just for the show as the bike is actually rideable. 


I actually imagine that this Honda P25 could be the best camera ready bike for some road action without having to install the GoPro. The front headlight that uses security as the main illumination is also a good idea. The LED there can also be IR type so you can see in the dark. This can prove to be useful when you park in the dark and there are someone trying to do harm to your bike. It is better if it is motion detection ready the records the suspisious activity and relay the images to your phone! Hmm, but that is just my assumption.


This bike is prepared for the ‘Security Show’ in Tokyo Big Site event on 4th March 2014. It is been designed by Nagata-san itself and I thank you for that great design you have presented to the world.


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