2012 Kawasaki Ninja RR in Indonesia – 150cc 28hp 2-stroke power – legend of the east



Could it be possible that Indonesia is the only country in the world to ever have the production of the facelifted Kawasaki Ninja RR (or also known as the Ninja KRR-ZX150 in Malaysia)? This bike has been introduce to the world in 2012 for the Indonesian market. While they were enjoying their new ride of the facelifted Ninja RR with slimmer body and new styling, we in Malaysia are waiting for it to come here. Then, as of 2014, we heard that the 2-stroke Ninja KRR-ZX150 is going to be replaced with another bike that is equipped with 4-stroke engine. Based on this information, there will be no more hope for us to see this facelift bike to be available in Malaysia. 


Powered with 149cc KIPS(Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System) HSAS(High Performance Secondary Air System) 2-stroke engine, the Ninja RR push out 28hp that is nicely configured to meet the EURO II regulation. 28hp is a good number to look at for a 150cc bike. The bike that replace this Ninja RR is the Ninja RR Mono that is 250cc 4-stroke bike that can also push out 28hp.

2012-Kawasaki-Ninja-RR-150-003One of the interesting part about 2-stroke bike is about how easy it is to be modded. The easiest way to modify to get extra power is to use a better exhaust that can give 1 or 2 more horsepower to your ride. Further modification can include the usual port and polishing, using higher performance engine bearing, better reed valve, and higher compression ratio piston. One of the highest performing 150cc bike is the Yamaha TZM 150 that can maxes out 35.5hp.


Kawasaki Ninja RR Special Edition are also available in Indonesia with a different graphics and special white base colour. The wheel are also in special bronze gloss colour that suits it. In my opinion, Ninja RR can be everyday bike for riders  to go to work or study but also like to feel the power when they have a chance for it on the road.

Seeing the Kawasaki Ninja RR to leave the market this July 2014 will make many riders sad to see it go. It is a bike that should stay as long as there riders want to buy it and I think there are still more riders wanting to buy it in any given day.

2012 Kawasaki Ninja RR Tech Specs

Front suspension 41 mm Telescopic Fork motomalaya.net
Rear suspension Monoshock Suspension
Front brake Twin-piston caliper disc brake system
Rear brake Twin-piston caliper disc brake system
Front tyre 90/90 – 17 49S Tube-Type
Rear tyre 110/80 – 17 57S Tube-Type
Length x Width x Height 1930 mm x 720 mm x 1095 mm
Wheelbase 1,305 mm
Ground clearance 145 mm
Weight 134 kg
Fuel tank capacity 10.8 Liter
Type 2 – stroke, 1 cylinder, Cranked case, Reed Valve,KIPS, HSAS
Maximum Power 21 KW (28hp) / 11.000 RPM, EURO II
Maximum Torque 20 Nm / 9.000 RPM, EURO II
Carburetion Mikuni VM 28
Bore x Stroke 59,0 x 54,4 mm
Volume 149 cm3
Cooling system Liquid-cooling
Compression ratio 6.9 : 1
Transmission 6 – Speed
1st ratio 2.700 (27 / 10)
2nd ratio 1.706 (29 / 17)
3rd ratio 1.300 (26 / 20)
4th ratio 1.091 (24 / 22)
5th ratio 0.952 (20 / 21)
6th ratio 0.864 (19 / 22)
Final Drive Type Chain Drive
Final Drive ratio 7.874 @ Top Gear
Engine oil capacity 0.8 Liter
Lubrication system Oil Injection
Liquid coolant capacity 1.3 Liter

via: http://www.kawasaki-motor.co.id/product-detail/ninja-150-rr

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