2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250RR Mono single-cylinder engine based on KLX250?


Kawasaki seems to be preparing a new 250cc bike for the year 2014 with a new configuration. Rumored as the Ninja 250 RR Mono, this bike will incorporated the single-cylinder 250cc engine based from the KLX250. The bore and stroke dimension of the KLX250 is 72.0 x 61.2mm which is more oversquare as compared to the CBR250R that is at 76.0 x 55mm. The longer stroke of the KLX250 will give a higher torque and this will reflect to a better town riding experience. 

My source in Malaysia tells me that this Ninja 250 RR Mono might come to Malaysia to replace the KRR-150ZX. My thinking is that there will be two 250cc from Kawasaki, if this single-cylinder makes its way here. The current price of the 2-cylinder Ninja 250 is RM22,589 (basic), so the single-cylinder Ninja 250 RR Mono should be priced around RM15-17k to differentiate itself. Kawasaki in Malaysia is already the bike of choice for 250cc segment with the presence of the Ninja 250 and also Z250.

The Ninja 250 RR Mono will be made in Indonesia and it is a good thing since we can have the CKD Asean tax import model which is much lower than the CBU tax. It is still rumors and we don’t actually know if this bike will be available in Malaysia.

via: http://tmcblog.com/2014/01/10/info-gress-sinyalemen-kuat-mesin-ninja-250-rr-mono-ke-arah-mesin-klx-250/

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