2014 Honda CBR300R – this is global model

cbr300r-whiteHonda has shown us in China International Two Wheel Motor Show in Chongqing, China, the global model of CBR300R. This is a very different design that the current CBR250R which carry the influence of the VFR model. This CBR300R feature a double headlight that looks very good and follows the design started by the CBR500R. Since this is said to be global model, it should be available in Malaysia too, right? As read from the press release, CBR300R will be made in Thailand, which in turns makes it valid for Asean CKD. So, the price will be much different than the 2011 Honda CBR250R. 

cbr300r-redCBR300R-2014via: honda.co.jp/news/2013/2131017.html

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