2013 Honda CBR600RR Official Video



So two key factors drove development of the new CBR600RR: improved racetrack performance, combined with the ability to be ridden — and genuinely enjoyed — on a twisty road or city street by riders of all experience levels.

Focus was placed upon the chassis, with the goal being creation of a bike that offered control and handling far beyond its class. The CBR600RR’s new inverted Showa 41mm Big Piston Forks deliver an incredibly smooth ride on the road, while offering great connection to the front tyre when on the limit at the racetrack. Lightweight, 12-spoke cast aluminium wheels — similar to those on the CBR1000RR Fireblade — are also used, for greater feedback.

Its 599cc four-cylinder engine’s sophisticated PGM-DSFI fuel injection system — fed a large volume of air by the Direct Air Induction System — and its ECU have been re-mapped for improved throttle response and feel throughout the rev-range. The Intake Air Control Valve also now operates through all rpm ranges. These improvements make the bike easier to ride at ‘normal’ speed, with increased performance under sports or racetrack conditions.

The CBR600RR’s stunning and very clean new styling is a blend of Honda’s current RC213V MotoGP race bike, with aerodynamic lessons taken directly from the 2011 RC212V. Fittingly, for a motorcycle that shares DNA with one of the world’s ultimate race machines, a Repsol colour will now be available on the CBR600RR. Inspired by Honda’s 2012 MotoGP bike, this colourway is also available on the NSC50R, CBR250R and CBR1000RR for 2013. Video embed is after the jump: 


Words and text by Honda Motorcycle EU


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