Welcome All New 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R – Sharper Modern Look, Fuel-injected, ABS equipped

Let me start this post with a photo gallery. You can click on the image to see bigger picture.

This new Ninja 250R set to be released by the end of this year for 2013 sales has been given a nice upgrades in terms of styling and in the engine department. The style are now much sharper and looks modern enough for any riders to take notice of it on the road. 250cc bikes is an important market for ASEAN countries since lots of the riders ride moped. Given the category of this 250cc as the beginner superbikes, it makes a lot of sense for riders of moped to upgrade their bike to this category before proceeding for bigger capacity bikes.

This Ninja 250R has a great head light that compliments its Japanese heritage. It just look perfect. The meter cluster also nicely designed with the sharp cues that flows along the sharp overal design. Having a rev meter on big on the dash also makes it ready for aggressive gear shifting on red line.

Not just that, the tail light also has been properly design for road legal use. Previously, Kawasaki didn’t design the tail light to complement the overall look, but this time it is all perfect. For the braking, it is being fitted with ABS for better contol of the bike in difficult situation.

Kawasaki just wins my two thumbs up.

This leak images comes from Taufik at tmcblog and noticed by me at motorcycles.about.com.


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