Dean Benstead’s “02 Pursuit” Bike – Not Gas, Not Battery, but Air Powered!

Dean Benstead's "02 Pursuit" Compressed Air Bike

The internal combustion engine works by the combustion of the gas inside the cylinder that expands to move the piston and therefore, the crankshaft. The compressed air bike works the same way, the differences is that the highly compressed (pressurized) inside the chamber that expands to a lower pressure air and move the parts inside the engine. 

The diagram above shows it works, but after looking at it for few minutes, I still can’t get it. For simpler explanation, I just think that it works like normal petrol engine without the petrol but compressed air.

I also think that to get the compressed air inside the canister for the bike, you need some kind of power to do it. So, there is some power loss somewhere to get this bike powered. Then, I think, what if the we use solar panel? That might work, but for a bike, there is very small space to install the panel. Maybe we can use regenerative braking system just like hybrid cars. You brake, then the dynamo is powered on and charges the battery. All this happens unobtrusively. For the real solution of it, I just leave it to Dean Benstead to find it.

What great about this bike in terms of appearance is that it appears to look like a normal motocross. In fact, it is one beautiful motocross bike in yellow color!

Malaysian inventors, why don’t you make our own version of this compressed air bike? Are you not good enough?



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