3 Pictures of 2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition

2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition

As the title suggests, I only got 3 pictures of this exclusive 2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition that is made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Yamaha in World GP. This is limited edition bike.

If you can see closely on the pictures, it seems that the exhaust cover is painted black. The 50th Anniversary logo on the front mudguard are nice. There are one more logo on the right side of the bike coverset. In general, this limited edition bike just look d**n nice!

Sample of Yamaha 50th Anniversary Logo on YZF-R1

I have been searching on the net and few shops for this bike, but it is still not available. Some dealers are saying that they are going to get the limited edition bike in few more weeks.

Very big thanks to Anas Azizan who send me the link of the pics.

2 more pictures after the jump 


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