Raya Finds: Suzuki Akira 120cc 2-stroker

Suzuki Akira 120

While visiting my friends and family house during Hari Raya, I found this old and rusty bike. The bike amazes me with the with a meter cluster that I have not seen before. The features of the bike are also great as it comes with 120cc 2-stroke engine, 2-piston caliper for the front, 1-piston Nissin caliper for the rear and monoshock rear suspension.

At first, I don’t know the name of this bike, so, I asked the owner there and he said it is Suzuki Akira 120. That’s a very nice name for a bike. Reminds me of the Akira manga.

Suzuki Akira 120 Thailand

The engine have similarity with Suzuki RGV-120, which is once popular in Malaysia. Sadly, the Suzuki Akira is not marketed here. Anyone, who owns the Suzuki Akira 120 are lucky enough to know that they can use interchangeably the parts from Suzuki RGV 120 and some parts from Suzuki Akira in Thailand.

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Hexagonal Muffler Tip and Rear Disc Brake with Nissin 1-piston Caliper
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3 Replies to “Raya Finds: Suzuki Akira 120cc 2-stroker”

  1. if you ask me, the meter cluster does look a lot like fx125.
    maybe you should go and check out some suzuki fx125 and post it here.
    and yes, suzuki lacks promotion, also, they emphasize quality over quantity.is what i heard.

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